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Improve sales now: 4 tips to motivate your remote sales team using call analytics

Call analytics are simply a collection of data that is measured and reported from phone call records. The key to success is using these analytics to track the efficiency of sales teams, using the insights to optimise call quality, call handling and to set key performance indicators (KPIs). In a remote working environment, it is more important than ever to keep updated on how a team is performing. 

Sales teams are a crucial part of many businesses, so developing their skills, productivity and confidence is essential for growth. It can be tricky for managers to improve the productivity of their teams but used properly call analytics can help keep sales teams focused. Reporting is a great way to do this. Examine call analytics to see how quickly team members respond to clients, listen to call recordings to find out how they are opening and closing and give feedback on what is heard.  

While remote working continues to be a reality for many, being able to keep track of a team that is out of the office is essential. Features such as call recordings alongside call analytics can make it easier to support a sales team from a distance. Using these features allows managers to organise training on weak spots, improving the productivity and effectiveness of a sales team.  

“Using CloudCall has allowed me to go into all our systems in detail. I can see the calls that have been made, who’s making them, frequency of calls and how long people are on their calls for. And importantly, I can randomly listen to calls.” Neville James, UK Sales Director, CloudCall.  


4 tips for using call analytics  

Call analytics provide a clear overview of your team’s performance. This information provides real-time data that you can use to set goals and KPIs, take a look at our 4 tips for using call analytics:  

1. Help your team hit KPIs by creating targets and goals for individual members.  

2. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses but by tailoring your team members goals they will be better prepared to meet these targets.  

3. Celebrate your teams’ successes with facts and figures from your call analytics to help keep them motivated.  

4. With personalised dashboards your team members can monitor their progress.  


If you think you and your team will benefit from call analytics and reporting contact a member of our team or request a demo.   

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