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Increase sales now with CloudCall SMS

Obviously you want to increase your sales, but how? There are many tools in the modern salesperson’s arsenal. At the centre of it all is finding ways to communicate effectively with your potential customers. The phone call will always be a winner – but there are other methods that get just as amazing results. SMS is one of them.

Our SMS feature allows you to send a text straight from a CRM system contact record. The best bit? All communications are synced back into the record, so you’ll know exactly what the conversation history is and when it happened.

Take a look at how you can increase your sales now with SMS:

  • Win back time for your sales – Be more productive by sending an SMS to save time and money on individual calls.
  • Make contact quickly and easily – Alert your customers to new updates, products and promotions with the click of a button.
  • Personalize your communications – Personalize your messages to build trust and rapport. This will naturally boost the likelihood of a sale.
  • Build a positive reputation – Follow up by SMS after a sale and offer a point of contact should they need anything further. Positive reviews matter!

Did you know that 48% of under 40s have gone online to browse or buy in response to a call or a message to a mobile? Check out how the Call & SMS combo can help you reach customers quickly here.

Realised you need SMS as a sales tool? Request a call back with a member of our helpful team here to find out more. Don’t forget to ask about a clever little feature called Broadcast SMS that can speed up your communications even more!

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