Drive Customer Satisfaction with CloudCall

We understand the need to provide excellent customer service, having the very best tools available to drive customer experience are essential.

With CloudCall there are a range of features that deliver huge benefits such as reduced waiting times to drive your customers’ satisfaction.

CloudCall will help you:

Reduced Waiting Times

If a customer is left in a queue for long periods of time it can easily lead to them being frustrated by the time they reach an agent. Our Queue Call Back function helps you to avoid high peaks in call waiting times and gives your customers the option to request a call back at the push of a button – they will then be moved in to an outbound calling campaign and called back by the next available agent.

Improve Customer Experience

Features such as Auto Attendant help to guide customers to the correct department first time. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and calling groups ensure that customers are put through to the first available agent.

Better Data Capture

Features such as our Inbound Call Screen Pop automatically load customer records so you no longer have to spend valuable time searching for records, you simply answer the call and the record is open waiting for you to add your notes ensuring all relevant information is stored in the correct customer record.

Better Visibility of Team Performance

The CloudCall Portal allows you to monitor performance at team and individual level. You are able to see call activity, duration and the types of calls. Our existing customers say that these reports are extremely useful for their management reports and also create a healthy competition within their teams.

Our Monitor, Whisper, Barge management tool allows you to listen in on calls, advise team members and if necessary take over the call.

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