Improve Call Compliance and Have Greater Visibility of Call Activities with CloudCall

Here at CloudCall, we pride ourselves on being able to offer key functionality to meet our customers’ needs.

Our inbound call functionality helps to guide your customers to the right department first time and our inbound screen alerts mean your agents are in the correct record as soon as they answer the call saving time from searching for records within a large CRM.

For your outbound teams, our progressive dialler/dialer allows them to make more calls and save time from dialling.

CloudCall will help you:

Improved Call Compliance

These days, we understand that call recording is an important feature for many businesses and that they are used in many aspects of the business, such as training. Our advanced call recording offers your agents the ability to pause the call recording whilst taking sensitive information, such as credit card details. This offers assistance in managing compliance with PCI DSS regulations.

Improve Customer Experience

Features such as Auto Attendant help to guide customers to the correct department. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and calling groups ensure that customers are put through to the first available agent.

Our Queue Callback feature allows customers to either leave a voice message or request a callback. This automatically adds them to a relevant campaign and the next available agent will call them back, reducing waiting times.

Save Time & Make More Calls

If you make a high volume of outbound calls, our progressive dialler/dialer allows you to upload call lists into the outbound campaign section so that your team are fed their calls, improving your team’s productivity.

Other features such as Inbound Screen Pops automatically load a customer’s records during inbound calls, so that you no longer have to spend valuable time, searching through your records. Simply answer the call and the record is ready for you to record and add notes.

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