Securities Information

NameSharesPercentage of issued share capital
Gresham House Asset Management Limited5,120,01913.21%
Long Path Partners3,860,0009.96%
West Elk Capital LLC3,737,2109.64%
Herald Investment Management Limited3,405,9868.79%
Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management3,101,5378.00%
Kinderhook 2 L.P.2,690,4746.93%
Goudy Park Capital LP2,180,0485.62%
Lightsail Capital Management2,039,0005.26%
Richard H. Witmer Jr.1,762,5004.55%
Interactive Brokers, L.L.C.1,576,4284.06%
Hargreaves Lansdown AM Limited1,453,3223.74%
Chelverton Asset Management Ltd1,240,5003.19%
Total ordinary shares in issue38,768,429100%

Effective date 5th October 2020

There are no restrictions on the transfer of ordinary shares in the Company.

Insofar as the Company is aware, the percentage of securities that are not in public hands is 28.80%

Director’s Holdings

NameSharesPercentage of issued share capital
Simon Cleaver854,3442.20%
Peter Simmonds266,8750.69%
Paul Williams130,9470.34%
Gary Browning65,0000.17%
Sophie Tomkins52,9870.14%
Total Director shareholding1,370,1533.53%

Effective date 5th October 2020