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Is Social Media a Part of Your B2B Strategy?

According to WeAreSocial:

Total Population: 7,210+ Billion. Users with Active Social Media Accounts: 2,078+ Billion. Active Internet Users: 3,010+ Billion.

Regardless of these growing numbers, there is still a misconception that social media is only used by consumers and that it has little place in the marketing strategy of B2B companies.

In fact, many B2B companies have not yet joined the social media revolution as they feel that it is too personal, that it is mostly used by a younger audience and that key decision makers are just too busy to use social networks.

However, when there are several decision makers involved in a purchasing decision, it is necessary to conduct more research into the company before the decision can be made. This research is often conducted online and will most likely include a search for a business’s social media profile.

Now, a reported 84% of C-level Executives use social media to research companies, prior to making a purchasing decision. In the same way that you would use social media to check out your favourite brand; C-level Executives are likely to check out the companies that they would potentially like to do business with.

With an increasing number of buyers looking into your company profiles, it is necessary to put a social media plan in place.

Here are 5 key benefits of adding social media to your B2B strategy.

1) Social media is a great platform to demonstrate your product or service. It provides you with an opportunity to engage with your customers and prospects and a place to keep them updated with the latest product and company information.

2) You have the tools to establish your company and employees as Thought Leaders within your industry. Posting industry-relevant content such as blog and guest posts, as well as hosting events online such as webinars and Q&A sessions, are a great way to highlight to your customers and prospects that you are aware of what is happening within your industry.

3) Increase traffic to your main website – Remember: Content is King! If you are continuously pumping out relevant and useful content through your social media profiles, you will find that your website’s traffic will also increase, thereby bringing in more potential leads and business to your company.

4) It is clear that networking is important in the B2B world. We’re not suggesting that every social media activity that you do will result in a sale BUT the more active you are in engaging with your customers and prospects, the more likely you are to build relevant and meaningful relationships with them.

5) It is no longer a viable option to avoid the social media revolution. We now live in a world of tweets and status updates. Not having a social media presence could make your business seem behind the times.

Still not convinced? Why not check out this great infographic via The Marketing Donut on the ‘Potential of Social Media for B2B in 2015‘.

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