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Lead Generation – Filling the Sales Pipeline

Over the last few weeks we have looked at some of the different marketing lead generation tools that can be used to help fill the sales pipeline with a better quality of prospect.

As marketers we are frequently asked why our leads are different to those generated through cold calling and other ‘old fashioned’ methods…

In week’s 3 and 4 we looked at the difference between inbound and outbound lead generation.  Dr Christine Bailey in her latest blog: ‘Smarketing’ highlights the key change that occurred when we, as marketers began to implement tactics that were preferential to our buyers as opposed to our sales teams.

Alison, our head of marketing, explored how great online content is key to attracting new leads – but remember you need to be careful… great content for lead generation isn’t pushy, intrusive or annoying and is far removed from slogans and gimmicks created by advertising agencies. Online content that works best according to Articulate Marketing’s e-book ‘The 10 minute Guide to Inbound Marketing Content’ states that e-books are great way of getting prospects to engage.  Emails with e-books get almost twice the click through rates as those promoting webinars.  Blogs are also deemed to be an essential element of the lead generation mix with B2B businesses that blog, generating 67% more leads than B2C companies and 88% more leads than business that don’t blog at all.

In week 5, I discussed how events have moved on from a jolly day out of the office to a genuine lead generation tool. The key to a successful event is planning.  It sounds obvious but it is surprising how many times I have witnessed attendance at an event that isn’t right for the business or a lack of a brief to the event team, meaning the leads gathered are of poor quality.  So remember… only attend events where there is real value to the business and brief your team on what constitutes a lead.  I like to set a criteria and if the lead meets that, then scan their badge.  If they don’t, take a business card and possibly place them in a nurture campaign within your marketing automation system.

In the last couple of weeks, Jasmine, our communications executive invited us all in to understand the wonderful world of Marketo (aka Mark Eto) her famous work husband.  Marketing automation enables intelligent communications with valuable insights into prospect and customer behaviour which actively encourages us to adapt and tweak communications and to grow and get better at what we do.

Joanne, our media marketing manager and Lukasz, our website designer also shared valuable insights into how creating and using engaging video content as well as carefully placed call to action buttons within your website can help to guide prospects through a defined journey and inform them about what you do as a business.  Not only does this mean that we are qualified by prospects as they continue to engage but ultimately they become marketing qualified and scored by their engagement ensuring the sales pipeline has good quality, highly engaged prospects primed and ready for the sales team to begin their process.

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