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Lead Generation – Out with the Old and In with the New

We have all become used to intrusions into our work and personal lives and this has been more evident with the arrival of email, mobile and social media, which mean that we can pretty much be reached 365/24/7.

But just how responsive are you to an intrusion into your busy day?

Do you welcome an unsolicited sales call or email or do you prefer to receive relevant information as and when you want it? How likely are you to buy from a company that constantly bombards you with irrelevant, unwanted messages?

We already know that as a lead generation tactic, intrusion fails dramatically.  According to content marketing agency, Articulate Marketing, 86% of TV viewers skip adverts, if they can and 44% of direct mail is never opened.   Even worse, this type of relatively untargeted, blanket marketing is wasteful and expensive in comparison to modern digital marketing.

Recently, it was reported that the Post Office are looking at introducing a new mail service to businesses.  They plan to deliver printed direct mail to homes as a follow up, when someone at that address has searched online for a service or product.   That made me wonder how efficient or cost-effective that was likely to be. Is a mix of modern online and traditional offline marketing channels likely to increase response?  On the face of it, it seems unlikely, although I have seen some really creative printed direct mail perform well since the advent of digital marketing, purely because of its novelty factor.

In reality, the internet has changed how we decide what to buy.  According to Google, The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) – when people research products before buying, applies across both B2B and B2C customer bases.  In fact, 71% of people that Google spoke to use the internet on a daily basis for their business purchase decisions, so for business-to-business marketers, doesn’t this mean that you should focus your marketing efforts online where your audience is?

Of course, online advertising can be a minefield.  Google AdWords is notoriously difficult to understand and competing for keywords and paying per click added to falling conversion rates, can prove painful in terms of ROI.    However, there are more viable alternatives such as intelligent re-targeting advertising programs like Adroll and ListenLoop, which are capable of delivering highly personalised, relevant advertisements to your website visitors within their email or social media accounts.

Social media is showing continuously increasing traffic and so is another route to reach your target audience but it can still be difficult to measure and as discussed in our last blog post, good content is a must in getting this to work for you as a lead generation tool.

Put simply, traditional marketing methods such as print advertising and direct mailing don’t truly deliver anymore.  Perhaps they never did but fortunately for marketers, today’s on-line digital channels to targeting a responsive audience and generating pre-qualified leads are measurable and getting more effective all the time.

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