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Looking To Offer a Trial? Hints & Tips For Success

Last week, we discussed the importance of businesses offering trials to their customers and prospects. According to a study conducted by GetSocial, which involved 63 web-based companies and start-ups, 93% of these companies offered a free trial period to their customers.

For a business that hasn’t considered a trials process, it may be difficult to know where to start.

With this in mind, we share some helpful tips to get your trials process up and running.

Be Aware – Before fully committing to running a trial program, you need to understand its impact on your organisation. Running a trial program has the potential to use up your business’s resources. For example, should your potential customer find any faults, this would need to be resolved by the business before that prospect can move on further with their trial. As more of your prospects take the trial offer, you need to make sure that your business has a degree of flexibility to cater to multiple trials at once and that you have the resources in place to manage them.

Make Someone Responsible – Putting a team in place to manage trials is an important step. Their job is to make sure that a prospect’s trial runs smoothly and that they are on hand to explain the product or service to the prospect. In order to do this successfully, you need to make sure that your trials team are given thorough training of the solution, giving them the confidence to explain it and to train your prospects. They also need to be knowledgeable about the solution, so that they are able to answer any questions that the prospect might have and so that they are aware of what areas to highlight, in order to address the prospect’s business needs.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up – Throughout the trials process, your team should make sure that they are constantly in contact with your prospects, helping them to optimise their use of the solution. The trials process is the time for them to buy-in to your solution, so don’t forget to check up on them and help them discover and learn more about the features that will help them to solve their business needs. Helpful tip: why not set up a follow-up call every 2-3 days to demonstrate new functionality or to review how they feel their trial is going.

What If They Say No? – Throughout the trials process, your prospect may experience technical or functionality issues, which could lead to objections. Your trials team, in most instances, should be able to handle these challenges, but liaising with various departments can make sure that this is dealt with swiftly, giving your prospects confidence in your business in the long-run. If they still have objections and do not ultimately choose your solution, thank them and ask if they can be kept in your database so that they can be contacted in the future. If your trials prospect does choose your solution, ensure that you keep in touch with them throughout the process until they have successfully implemented the solution throughout their businesses.

As a trials team, we have helped many businesses successfully implement our CloudCall solution. We hope that the tips that we have shared will help your business to convert more of your prospects into sales.

– Ben Banks & Paul Mason

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