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New: SMS and Instant Messaging for Salesforce

We are happy to announce that the latest messaging release has been launched for the CloudCall for Salesforce integration. This release includes text and instant messaging features to enable users to work faster, generate more responses, and save internal conversations in Salesforce. 

Text Messaging

Deliver personalized experiences with full SMS messaging within SalesforceUnlike standalone messaging tools, CloudCall enables users to text directly from Salesforce and automatically captures the conversation as an activity.

Texting contacts or leads is proven to generate faster responses than email or phone. Interested in learning more about the benefits of texting for your business? Here are 4 Reasons to Start Texting Prospects 

As an added bonus, users will receive incoming SMS notifications while working in Salesforce.  

With this new release, users can send texts from the contact or the directory. Just like phone calls, with CloudCall you can send text messages without leaving your Salesforce CRM 

Instant Messaging

Reach internal contacts quickly, without losing vital information about contacts and companies. With other messaging platforms, you risk losing vital information as it is erased over time or buried underneath non-work related conversations.

Every time a contact is mentioned using the clip feature, CloudCall saves the entire message as an activity in SalesforceWhenever a #Contact is clipped with a hashtag in a conversation, the message is marked and saved automatically.  

“For a long time we’ve been satisfied with logging direct communication…to or from a customer, Clips enable us see business communication ‘ABOUT’ a customer…this is a truly 360 view and gives CloudCall users a new level of depth and context to their data.” 

-Gary Coventry, Head of Product at CloudCall

Manage all your business-critical communications where your contact information is stored and instantly connect with your contacts via phone, text, or IM. 

Interested in learning more about CloudCall for Salesforce? Visit us on the Salesforce AppExchange or book a live demo with our product experts.   

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Courtney Burt is a Marketing Associate from CloudCall’s Boston Seaport office. Courtney strives to help people benefit from the capabilities of integrating communications within their CRM. She embraces the harsh New England winters with a snowboard and in a former life, she enjoyed eating healthy.