CTI, VoIP, Communications for Mercury xRM

Mercury xRM: Intelligent Recruitment Software.

We’re thrilled to integrate with Mercury xRM, the leading recruitment
CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Together, we help recruiters
make more placements, faster.

Gain a competitive advantage by using CloudCall for Mercury xRM

Spend more time filling vacancies and less time filling in CRM fields, by effortlessly capturing every phone call, text and instant messages inside Mercury xRM.

Feature list.

The quickest and simplest way to communicate with your contacts, directly from Mercury xRM.

CloudCall Features

Recruitment CTI Playbook.

Download our Recruitment CTI Playbook and discover the benefits of Integrated Communications for your Business.

Hear what Mercury xRM said about partnering with CloudCall.

We’re proud to have helped over 42,000 users to boost their performance, build better relationships and optimise their communications.

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