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Features for Zoho CRM

Give your team the tools they need to be more productive with Zoho CRM.

With a combined CRM and telephony system, instantly increase productivity with features such as click-to-call from Zoho CRM. Choose a service with a built-in dial pad that enables you to make calls and control them directly from the Zoho CRM interface.

Key Features for Zoho CRM

Enhance productivity with single click-to-dial from your CRM or business software

Click to Dial

Click to initiate calls from your Zoho CRM lead and contact records or related applications.

Power Dialer

Upload a prepared contact list and boost call activities by automatically dialling through a prepared contact list.

Local Presence

Dynamically display a phone number that is ‘local’ to the area that you are calling to increase pick-up rates.

Voicemail Drop

Leave a pre-recorded voicemail message with a click of a button. Record and store up to five voice messages.

These inbound features were built to make sure that you’re able to offer your customers the best experience. They provide your callers with a simple and straightforward way of communicating with your company.

Inbound Screen Pops

Ensure that you are fully prepared for every call with inbound screen pops that open the caller’s Zoho CRM record.  


Improve your caller’s experience with an automated IVR that collects information and routes the call to the appropriate team or individual.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Provide effective workforce management through an ACD that uses advanced analytics to route callers to the best available individual.

These features are designed to offer your contacts a simple way of communicating with your business.

Call Forwarding

Finished with work or out of the office? With Call Forwarding, your calls can be directed to other groups, people, devices or even automated messages, which ensures that calls are never missed. 

Call Controls

Built-in call controls to hold, mute, transfer, conference and pause the call recording – the dial pad enables you to streamline your calls directly in your CRM or business software.

Conference Calls

Connect with up to 10 participants in a CloudCall Conference Room. These calls are recorded and stored in the CloudCall Portal so that you have a record of all of your important conversations.

We understand how important it is for you to measure and manage your team’s activities. Our solution offers you the best tools that you can use to keep track of your team’s activities.

Call Reports

Access real-time reports on all communications, helping you to monitor your team’s activities. 

Real-Time Dashboards

Build and create your own activity dashboards, providing advanced analytics in real-time. 

Supervisor Panel

With the Supervisor Panel, management teams can monitor and interact with live calls, which is ideal for training, monitoring and encouraging best practices.

Call Recording

Record, store and playback calls from your database. Call recordings can be paused while taking sensitive information, which can assist in managing compliance. 

Call Logs

Capture all essential call information, including call categories, notes and recordings, providing you with an enhanced view of all activities. 

CloudCall Portal

Have full control of your team’s settings from the CloudCall Portal. You’ll be able to manage your organization’s call profiles, configure all of your settings, manage user and service accounts and access real-time activity reports and call recordings.

SMS text messages remain an imperative method of communication in both B2B and B2C markets. These features give you the ability to communicate on a mass scale, enabling you to work faster.

One-to-one SMS

Send and receive one-to-one text messages directly from within CRM contact records. 

Broadcast messaging

Boost response rates with Broadcast messaging, which provides a cost-effective way of sending bulk text messages to multiple CRM records. 

Conversation logs

Full, searchable conversations are logged and recorded against the relevant contact records within your CRM.

With the growth of collaboration and IM tools, your business needs to be able to capture every interaction when teams and individuals collaborate.

Direct & Group Messages

Send direct instant messages internally, one-to-one or to groups.  


Increase collaboration with teammates and colleagues with public conversation Spaces, providing an area for users who communicate regularly about specific topics or subjects.


Use Clips to extract relevant parts of all instant messages conversations and sync these interactions against the contact’s CRM record. 

With a growing demand for flexible working options, it may be necessary for your company to offer and provide flexible work. With CloudCall, this is easy to do through the ability to configure your users’ devices and the CloudCall mobile app, so that you can make calls and work from anywhere.

Fluid Work Options

Work anywhere with CloudCall’s dynamic system and be able to use any device to make and receive calls. We make it simple for people and teams to work flexibly and productively, as there are no limits to their calling activities.

CloudCall Go!

Extend CloudCall’s functionality to your mobile, with the CloudCall Go! mobile app. Calls from your mobile devices and cell phones are logged, recorded and synced directly to your database, so even when you’re on the move, you’ll be sure that your conversations are still accessible.

In Call Consent

Automatically view consent status for inbound and outbound calls, and record verbal consent when needed. View status reports for individuals or your full database in just a few clicks.

Discover the Full Feature Stack

Connect with your customers and prospects using phone calls and SMS, and collaborate with your colleagues through instant messages. Capture all valuable conversations in Zoho CRM and enhance the valuable data in your system.

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