Our Call Plans

Our call plans are designed to help your business manage your call spend, regardless of where you are calling. We offer a variety of call plans with domestic and global minutes bundled, providing a cost-effective way for your team to make calls.

Domestic Call Plans

Sometimes the consistency of a single set monthly price is exactly what your department needs, especially if your teams already make a significant number of calls monthly. Achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way possible through our variety of inclusive minutes call plans, choosing from 2000 minutes per user per month or unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines, monthly.

Global Call Plans

We also have the perfect solution for those of you calling further afield. If you have prospects or customers distributed all around the world then select from our global call plan options and optimize your telecoms expenses.

INTERNATIONAL: China, Thailand*, South Korea, Singapore*, Taiwan*, Malaysia, Hong Kong INTERNATIONAL Plus: All the destinations in INTERNATIONAL + Japan, Thailand
INTERNATIONAL: Czech Rep., Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus

INTERNATIONAL Plus: All destinations in INTERNATIONAL + Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey

INTERNATIONAL: Argentina INTERNATIONAL Plus: All destinations in INTERNATIONAL + Brazil
INTERNATIONAL: Canada, Mexico*, USA, Guadeloupe* INTERNATIONAL Plus: All destinations in INTERNATIONAL + Puerto Rico.
INTERNATIONAL: Australia, New Zealand
INTERNATIONAL Plus: Morocco*, Nigeria, South Africa
INTERNATIONAL: Bangladesh, India INTERNATIONAL Plus: All destinations in INTERNATIONAL + Israel, Iran
INTERNATIONAL: UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden

INTERNATIONAL Plus: All destinations in INTERNATIONAL + Finland, Malta

All prices are per user per month basis. A full list of included dial codes is available upon request. Any calls made that fall outside of the plan are charged at CloudCall’s standard low rate costs, on a per minute basis.

* Indicates landline calls only

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