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Perfecting the Art of Conversation: Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (IM) is a growing corporate communications medium with 43%5 of employees using IM tools for business. The platform began as a quick and convenient way to converse with friends and family and has become a principle means of communication for millions of us. As a real-time mode of communication, from one digital device to another, IM is a routine method for many of us to have a conversation.

As an alternative to e-mail it has the benefit of being less formal and therefore a great way for colleagues to communicate. In fact, it has been argued that, “instant messaging allows two people to communicate over the Internet just as if they were having a face-to-face conversation.”3

A study by ReporterLinker4 found that a drawback to using IM for business is the pressure employees feel to respond to messages instantaneously. However, IM has many benefits for use as a business communication tool. Book a demo to discover how CloudCall can help your teams collaborate better through instant messages integrated with your CRM.


Three perks of Instant Messenger in the workplace:

    1. IM use has a significant impact on interactivity, which in turn is a crucial factor for the development of mutual trust and communication.1
    2. IM is a revolutionary technology that will affect how a business is structured and organised. It changes the way people communicate and collaborate with each other, but places higher demands on individuals to undertake multiple communication tasks simultaneously.2
    3. As a highly interactive tool, IM mimics face-to-face communication patterns and so has been considered to contribute to the perception that IM communication is accurate, complete, timely and effective.1


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