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CloudCall 1.23

By July 12, 2019

CloudCall 1.23 release: top fixes

Removed Company Name for the SMS dropdown list.

Users no longer have the option to select a company name to present to SMS recipients. This was done to safeguard against sending opt-out messages to contacts if a company name had been selected.

Any user that has a company name currently selected as their outbound ID will automatically revert to using their SMS Number.

Bullhorn – Option to turn off Note Popping on internal calls

We now have the option to turn automatic note popping off for internal calls via the CRM settings in Unify.

If a user calls one of their colleagues directly the note will not pop automatically however, if an external call was transferred to a user the Note will pop when the transfer has completed.

Click to Text for SMS users on Freemium and Premium messaging only subscriptions

Users on Freemium and Premium messaging only subscriptions are now able to Click to Text.

Letters added to the Dialpad

Numbers are now accompanied by the relevant letters on the Dialpad.

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