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Are You Ready for Your Big Events?

By August 27, 2015Marketing, Sales

Throughout the year, businesses can invest a lot of their time and money into attending events. In fact, according to a Tradeshow Week Magazine Survey, the average company allocates 31.6% of its annual marketing budget to trade shows and events. With this in mind, are you ready for your big events?

Photo from last year's Dreamforce events

Photo from last year’s Dreamforce event.

This year, the SYNETY team has already attended several events worldwide, including the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Bullhorn Engage and Salesforce World Tours in New York, Boston and London, and for the last few weeks, we have been preparing for the next of the big events, Dreamforce.

Dreamforce is one of the biggest events for our industry with a reported 135,000 registered attendees from 91 countries who attended last year’s Dreamforce event. Moreover, the scale of Dreamforce can be highlighted on the map that Google have put together for the event, Dreamforce 2015 Map, which details all of the venues where keynotes, sessions and exhibitions are taking place.

As a second-time attendee to Dreamforce, we have put together some valuable information to help make sure that you are ready for your big events.

Know what you’re there to do. Before setting out on your Dreamforce or big event journey, you and your team will need to be aware of the goals that you want to achieve, post-event. Are you there to network and develop relationships and partnerships? Are you looking for potential prospects that may want to purchase your product or service? Are you there to spread awareness about your brand? No matter your goal, you need to make sure that your team keep these in mind throughout the event, as it’s easy to get swept up in all of the event excitement and lose track of what you are trying to achieve.

Remember to participate. With a significant number of sessions and keynote speeches throughout the event, there is ample opportunity to learn from thought-leaders about the latest innovations and insights that you could implement into your business. However, with over 1500 sessions that are available during Dreamforce 2015, you may need to be quite picky about the sessions that you do choose to attend. Read carefully about the sessions available and make sure to pick the right ones for you and your business and add these to your calendar so that you know exactly where you need to be and when.

Talk, Chat, Engage. Events such as Dreamforce bring together thousands of like-minded individuals. There are many opportunities to meet people, especially when the day’s busy sessions have finished. Most events organise post-event functions, for example, Dreamforce have a Welcome Reception, Partner Parties and Dreamfest. These offer a more relaxed atmosphere that will help you get to know the people around you, Moreover, don’t forget to head to the Expo floors to investigate what new functionality you could take advantage of, for your business.

Rest up, relax and have fun. Events that are stretched out over a number of days can be highly challenging. You need to make sure that you take a sufficient amount of breaks and that you eat and drink enough. Don’t burn yourself out over the first few days. If, during Dreamforce 2015, you should need a break in between sessions, why not head to the Press Club, hosted by Jobscience, for free food, drinks and a chat with one of the SYNETY team.

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