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Recreate the office experience at home with CloudCall

By November 3, 2020News, Product, Technology

As a result of COVID-19, more teams have taken to working remotely and collaborating via software such as Microsoft Teams. In fact, Teams reported astonishing growth from 20 million active users in 2019 to over 75 million in April 2020. Recently, they have released additional figures which show a record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day, a 200 percent increase from 900 million in mid-March.

With all these new users for Teams, we set out to understand what our customers frustrations are with using the platform and how we could develop a platform that solves some of their problems. Having spoken to numerous customers, they’ve all told us their biggest pain point is that they have to frequently switch between Teams and their CRM system throughout the day.

CloudCall’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Clark had this to say:

“For businesses to operate successfully, employees must be able to chat freely with their colleagues – often, the little conversations we have as we pass by our colleagues’ desks are the ones where we come up with our best ideas and or solve critical problems.

In organisations where employees are trying to develop meaningful relationships with existing customers and prospective clients, these conversations are actually the ‘magic oil’ that keeps the office engine running smoothly and seamlessly.

However, if they have to keep the leaving the Teams environment to go and find information in the CRM, these conversations become difficult and disjointed, which will discourage employees from icing the systems.”

That’s why we’ve integrated our powerful communications tools into Teams. Users will no longer have to switch between multiple platforms as often, instead they can simply start the CloudCall app from within teams and easily search the CRM for the prospective customer or client’s information they need. Once they have that information it can be easily shared with colleagues.

“Companies can use our solution to seamlessly recreate the office experience and empower their employees to communicate intuitively with their colleagues.” – Paul Clark

CloudCall’s team integration is launching on the 9th November 2020, click to register your interest here.


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