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Recruitment: How to Save Time [Infographic]

From working with many recruitment businesses that use our product, we have an understanding of the time-pressured environments that recruiters can operate in, and equally, understand just how long it can take to search for a candidate record or upload detailed call notes straight to your CRM system.

By analysing the recruitment process from start to finish, we have broken down each of these processes and automated them, helping recruiters save time throughout the day. This is important for recruiters as, according to New Leaf Search, it typically takes clients 3-4 months to fill a vacancy, with 25% of assignments taking at least 6 months. Taking into account the fact that the top 10% of candidates are often gone from the marketplace within 10 days (John Sullivan via ERE Media), how can recruiters manage their time to place these candidates and meet their client’s’ brief?

We have compiled all of our knowledge into this infographic “Recruitment: How to Save TIme”, which shares time-saving tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that your recruitment processes are more efficient and that both your candidates and your clients are happy throughout the entire process.

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