Remote Working: The Importance of All Phone Calls With Your Customers

Remote Working: The Importance of Phone Calls With Customers

Communicating with your customers when your business is fully remote can seem daunting, but keeping the conversation going is not a difficult as it may seem. With the correct set of tools at your disposal you can make the switch to remote customer comms seamlessly. With the correct software you can manage customer relations from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Having a phone conversation is the quickest and easiest way to provide good and effective customer service. From a business perspective, it is hard to replace the personal touch and the reassurance a customer gets from making a phone call. When real conversations happen, more successful business and happy customers follow. 

According to Google’s ‘Click to Call’ research, 59% of customers prefer to call because they want a quick answer, while 57% call as they want to talk to a real person.  

It’s vital to be genuine when on the phone, it’s also important to be respectful. Using respectful language during your conversations will make customers feel that you value them. Phone calls should take priority over emails, because people who call are generally people who require an instant response. 

Did you know: 87% of say it’s important they can use the right channel of communication at the right time. 

Many customers still seek reassurance from a phone call. When arranging an appointment or a service call for example, 45% of customers report feeling happier when speaking to a real person on the phone. That’s double the number who will self-serve on a website (20%)And the story plays out in a similarly for product and service support and resolving issues with deliveries. 

A good conversation with a customer means offering the right channels of communication at the right time. When is the right time to send a text, and when do we want to talk? What can be automated, and what demands the human touch? How are businesses managing these multi-channel communications? It is important to consider all these questions, but remember, all of these channels of communication can be used remotely and technology such as CloudCall can ensure you keep conversations with customers going from anywhere. 

Have a conversation with us today and find out how CloudCall can ensure you have great interactions with your customers, from anywhere. Take a look at our Remote Worker Toolkit here.


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