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Reduce time to hire with CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

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Recruitment is collaborative. Many recruiters are juggling candidates, clients, colleagues and interview panels. Cutting down the time used to connect with your colleagues, but not cutting the interactions, is a sure-fire way to reduce time to hire. Getting everyone on the same page and sharing details instantly is easier than ever before with CloudCall for Microsoft Teams.

After all, every holdup in your communications is risking the loss of a great candidate. See how CloudCall and Microsoft Teams can help reduce your time to hire:

Improve collaboration – Search and share CRM contacts in Chat and Teams Channels.

Boost productivity – Make call directly from the contact card.

Connect faster – Quickly and easily send text messages from Microsoft Teams.

Capture all conversations – Calls made from Microsoft Teams are saved and recorded against the CRM contact record.

Find out more about our Microsoft Teams integration here. Why not request a call back from a member of our helpful team to discuss how CloudCall can help you reduce time to hire?

How CloudCall SMS helped Connexion increase candidate response rates

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When looking for a telephony integration, Dan Cushing, Managing Partner at Connexion, knew that improving the candidate and employee experience was their top priority. Recruiters using our platform are able to make placements faster by increasing the quality of important conversations with candidates by SMS.  

Dan reveals the benefits of integrated communications for his team saying, “It’s fully integrated and it works, that’s why it won out.” His team loves CloudCall because everything they do integrates directly into Bullhorn.  Read More

4 benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM

By | Communications, Technology
If you and your business use a CRM system, then you already know they are a great solution for a range of different business needs. Sometimes, however, the CRM itself may not be enough. Which is where integrations come in. *CloudCall to the rescue* 

Integrations (such as CloudCall) provide more detailed reporting, advanced automation, efficient functionality, customer feedback surveys…the list goes on.  

Basically, if your CRM is without an integration, then you are using it in black and white. With an integration? Well lets just call that Ultra HDR 8k. You get the picture (pardon the pun). 

So, the benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM:  Read More

Lessons from 2020 and predictions for 2021, by CloudCall CTO Paul Clark (part two)

By | Communications, Customer Experience, Productivity, Technology
As we welcome in the new year, CloudCall’s Chief Technology Officer, Paul Clark, talks us through some of his predictions of where the market is heading and some challenges it may face, in 2021.

Did you manage to have a look at part one? In our last post, Paul discussed some of the lessons CloudCall learnt in 2020 as well as his predictions on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) will change the industry this year.

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Have better conversations with Broadcast SMS

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Looking to have better conversations with your customers? Watch our quick video to find out how Broadcast SMS can help:

Personalize your broadcast messages for better customer service.

Connect with clients to build rapport and increase sales.

Alert your customers to new updates, products and promotions.

Reach more customers faster with CloudCall Broadcast SMS.

Discover how we can help you have better conversation with Broadcast SMS by requesting a call back. Want to find out more about Broadcast SMS? Check this out!

How IVR can transform your customer experience

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If you have ever tried to call a bank, internet provider or any company for that matter, you have probably encountered IVR.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is that automated menu you reach in a call that says ‘For our opening ours, press 1, for customer service, please press 2’ and so on…

IVR allows businesses to automatically direct a caller to the appropriate person or department, improving the customer experience without them having to go through multiple people to get to the correct place.

An IVR works by collecting information from the customer. Commonly, the caller will be prompted to select options by using their phone’s keypad or using voice recognition technology.

More advanced IVRs can provide customers with pre-recorded answers to FAQ’s.

If you’d like to learn more about CloudCall and our features, then you can book a demo here.

3 reasons in call consent is a must have for your business

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CloudCall in call consent for GDPR – easy regulatory compliance with every phone call…

Automatically view consent status for inbound and outbound calls, and record verbal consent when needed. View status reports for individuals or your full database in just a few clicks.

So, what’s so special about CloudCall’s in call consent feature?

  • Every call allows you to capture your client’s agreement to hold personal data.
  • Requests for consent and the customer’s response is recorded, time stamped and stored.
  • A few clicks provide you with a consent report for your entire database, taking the guesswork out of compliance.

Monitoring and securing your customers consent couldn’t be easier!

Find out more about how we can help your business with GDPR compliance by talking to a member of our team.

Lessons from 2020 and predictions for 2021, by CloudCall CTO Paul Clark (part one)

By | Communications, Marketing, News, Technology
As we welcome in the new year, CloudCall’s Chief Technology Officer, Paul Clark, talks us through some of his predictions of where the market is heading and some challenges it may face, in 2021.

Well, what a year that was! Here we are, January 2021, still connecting with colleagues and clients on video calls, asking if they can hear us or telling us we’re on mute. If I’d have given my 2020 predictions a year ago, I don’t think a lot of them would come close to how it actually panned out.

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The best of CloudCall – handpicked by our customers

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It’s a new year and we wanted to take a look back at what our customers had to say about us and our platform. We’ve had some amazing feedback and just had to share it with you! Looking through our customer stories we discovered what mattered most to our valued customers. From having the ability to work from anywhere to saving money.

So, take a look at the best of CloudCall – handpicked by our customers. Read More

Supercharge your CRM in 2021 

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If you’re a business owner, you will understand how important customer relationships are to your success. The customer relationship management (CRM) system is a tool which allows you to keep track of your customers and much more. They are widely used, in fact, 91% of businesses with over 11 employees use a CRM system. Why are they so popular? Because a CRM system makes your business more efficient. In a customer centric environment with multi-channel communications, keeping track of it all is virtually impossible without the right tools. To top it off, customers are becoming more demanding and more sophisticated so maintaining a competitive edge is another challenge.   Read More