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Sales: back to basics

Sales can be a tricky business and optimizing your processes can be a bit bewildering at first. So where should you begin? We suggest that IT managers, sales directors, CRM admins and CEOs start with a look at the building blocks of their operations.

So what can you do?

The first question you may ask yourself is are your sales team hitting their Key Performance Indicators? Yes? Fabulous, you don’t have a problem! No? Probably a good time to question if your team are having quality conversations with customers. The best sales strategies are often discovered by trial and error – so review and amend tactics if they’re not working quite as well as you hoped.

Your sales team might be very hard working, but you could still be unknowingly missing out on a whole other level of success. Drilling down into the figures can help you understand how effective your salespeople are. But constantly doing manual checks and getting them to create performance reports isn’t an efficient use of your time or theirs.

Monitoring and training

Having the ability to monitor your teams’ calls and activity in real-time will provide you with a great overview of how things are going. We know that everyone will be on their best behaviour if they know they’re being evaluated, but does that always paint a genuine portrait of what is happening? CloudCall’s reporting features allow you to get a realistic picture of your sales teams’ actual performance at the click of a button.

An added bonus? You can even help out teams with real-time guidance so that call standards are always first-rate. With the extra benefit of being able to record and listen back to calls you can easily provide feedback to your salespeople, helping with professional development. The route to success is getting clearer and clearer isn’t it…

Now you’ve thought out your next steps, here’s some CloudCall features to help you do it:

  • Supervisor panel – get an instant birds-eye view of what calls are being conducted when, for how long, and whether or not they hit the mark
  • Monitor – Listen to calls to ensure your brand values are consistently aligned
  • Whisper – offer real-time suggestions to your team to keep them on track
  • Barge – the show must go wrong, and now you’ll be able to save the day when it does by taking over a flagging call

Want some more information on our sales boosting features? Download our new sales eBook, ‘No more phoning it in’ or request a call back to talk to a member of our helpful team.

Rob Greening

About Rob Greening

Rob Greening is a Senior Sales Consultant at CloudCall, based in our London office in the UK. Rob has been in the recruitment industry for over 10 years, having worked on both sides on the fence as an agency recruiter and CRM consultant through to helping people maximise the efficiency of their technology with CloudCall. Outside of the office, you'll find (or struggle to find) Rob nestled in the undergrowth of a lake, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors.