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Sales Process Changes: Getting Your Team on Board

By September 18, 2014Management, Sales

Ship-blogNobody likes change, and getting your team on board with sales process changes is never easy. But today’s businesses needs to adapt quickly to changes in their industry and to meet the demands of their customers. When changes in sales processes need to be made, it’s important they are rolled out quickly and seamlessly.

Here are some techniques that will help with adoption:

Verbal and written

Lay out the process changes in writing and verbally. Simply sending an email isn’t enough. And neither is having a meeting. You have to do both. Emphasize your rationale and importance of the change in person and then lay out the technical information in writing for reference.

Lunch and learn

People will be much more eager to give you their time if you offer them something in return – in this case food. Now, simply offering a slice of pizza isn’t enough to ensure the sales team will change their habits, but at least they’ll listen to your spiel. So try a lunch and learn.

Communicate results

Make sure to tell the team what benefits you are achieving from the change in process. Are you generating better reports since you have changed your order process? Then show the team. It’s hard for people to make a change if they don’t see the benefits.


Encourage people to embrace the new rules by incentivizing good habits. Offer a reward to those who adopt the new process quickly. Something as little as bagels for breakfast or a gift card go a long way.

People can be stubborn, but if there’s a good reason to make the change it shouldn’t be hard to communicate its value and get the team on board.

How do you communicate new processes? Do you have different ideas or techniques? If so, tweet us @CloudCall and let us know!

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