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How CloudCall SMS helped Connexion increase candidate response rates

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When looking for a telephony integration, Dan Cushing, Managing Partner at Connexion, knew that improving the candidate and employee experience was their top priority. Recruiters using our platform are able to make placements faster by increasing the quality of important conversations with candidates by SMS.  

Dan reveals the benefits of integrated communications for his team saying, “It’s fully integrated and it works, that’s why it won out.” His team loves CloudCall because everything they do integrates directly into Bullhorn.  Read More

Have better conversations with Broadcast SMS

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Looking to have better conversations with your customers? Watch our quick video to find out how Broadcast SMS can help:

Personalize your broadcast messages for better customer service.

Connect with clients to build rapport and increase sales.

Alert your customers to new updates, products and promotions.

Reach more customers faster with CloudCall Broadcast SMS.

Discover how we can help you have better conversation with Broadcast SMS by requesting a call back. Want to find out more about Broadcast SMS? Check this out!

Supercharge your CRM in 2021 

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If you’re a business owner, you will understand how important customer relationships are to your success. The customer relationship management (CRM) system is a tool which allows you to keep track of your customers and much more. They are widely used, in fact, 91% of businesses with over 11 employees use a CRM system. Why are they so popular? Because a CRM system makes your business more efficient. In a customer centric environment with multi-channel communications, keeping track of it all is virtually impossible without the right tools. To top it off, customers are becoming more demanding and more sophisticated so maintaining a competitive edge is another challenge.   Read More

Why you need call groups now

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Create call groups of teams with specific skills and knowledge, who are responsible for dealing with certain areas of the business. Calls can be directed to these groups, ensuring that customer queries are dealt with efficiently.

Why does your business need call groups?

  • Ensure your customers are being dealt with by the right people.
  • Whether it’s customer service teams for queries and issues, salespeople for new customers, or finance teams for payment questions.
  • Calls can be automatically directed to these groups.

So level up your customer experience with call groups now!

Contact us for more information on call groups and our other great features.

12 Days of CloudCall

By | Communications, News, Productivity
You’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas, but this festive season you joined us for the 12 days of CloudCall!

Who knew the 12 days of Christmas ends on 5th Jan anyway?

Each day, on the 12 days CloudCall, we looked back at some of our greatest achievements and announcements from 2020, with a few festive messages thrown in there too.

We created a special GIF for each day and have complied our top ones here for you in case you missed any over the last two weeks. Read More

Boost your sales with Broadcast SMS

By | Sales, Technology

Have your sales team tried broadcast messaging yet? No? Well we’re here to tell you how it can boost your sales.

Broadcast messaging is basically a bulk SMS – just not in a ‘spammy’ way. It’s a great tool to connect with customers, especially when text messages are almost always opened within the first few minutes of receiving them!

In the current climate, there is a lack of not only face-to-face sales, but also the personal connection you can make with your customers. Broadcast messages can transform your sales and also your relationships with your clients.

CloudCall’s feature allows you to create a list of CRM contacts and send out your message, delivered straight to your contact’s, customer’s and client’s mobile phones. If you use Salesforce, you can now send out Broadcast messages straight from there!

Here are just a few of the benefits of Broadcast SMS and how they can boost your sales:

Personalise – personalise your broadcast messages for great customer service.

Connect – connect with clients to build rapport and increase sales.

Update – alert your customers to new updates, products and promotions.

Save time – send a bulk message to save time (and money) instead of individual calls.

We know people are more likely to read a text than answer a call (we’re all guilty of it). For the best response rates, why not try Broadcast Messaging? You can even book a demo with us to try out some of CloudCall’s features.

Why choose CloudCall for Microsoft Teams over Direct Routing

By | Product, Technology

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming one of the most widely used business products, offering internal communications, document sharing and collaboration tools. The increase in popularity is partly due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to close their offices and transition to remote work. It’s when working from home that digital collaboration tools are essential to keep operations running smoothly.

Although Teams is mainly used as an internal communication tool, it can be used for external communications through the Microsoft Phone System, however this is a relatively costly platform when compared to other telephony platforms. Microsoft has also developed a way for the platform to be routed through a traditional phone system. This can be achieved through Direct Routing, which provides a PSTN (public switched telephone network) connection to Microsoft Teams users so that they can make and receive external phone calls on any device using Teams.

What’s the alternative?

CloudCall’s integration with Teams now means there is now a third possibility. As an alternative to direct routing and the Microsoft Phone System, our integration connects your CRM to Teams, which allows calls to be made to any of your CRM contacts, in just a few clicks.

“We’ve spoken with numerous customers and they’ve all told us their biggest pain point is that they have to frequently switch between Teams and their CRM system throughout the day, which is time-consuming, inefficient and increases the risk of incorrect data entry” – Paul Clark CTO

Not only does the system allow calls to be made from Teams, it also applies the usual functionality you can expect from CloudCall to these calls. That means call information and notes will be automatically saved in the CRM – something that direct routing platforms cannot offer.

“Simply start the CloudCall app from within Teams and then users can easily search the CRM for information about existing or prospective customers. In addition, they can share it with colleagues and initiate a meeting to discuss it further, or they can immediately start a conversation with a customer or prospect via phone, video or SMS chat. Once the conversation is finished, everything including the call recording, SMS or video chat is automatically synchronised with the CRM.” – Paul Clark CTO

Why choose CloudCall for Teams over Direct Routing?

  1. If you are frequently using your CRM system and Microsoft Teams
  2. Making and receiving calls from CRM contacts
  3. If you can benefit from additional functionality
  4. Easy to implement utilizing existing systems
  5. It’s cost effective

The case for using our integration as an alternative to direct routing would be strongest for users who spend a lot of time in their CRM, but also collaborate with their colleagues through Teams. As an add on solution, it offers a great balance for those who are not 100% sure if they want to use direct routing, or those who do not want to incur the costs involved with the Microsoft Phone System.

“Companies can use our solution to seamlessly recreate the office experience and empower their employees to communicate intuitively with their colleagues” – Paul Clark CTO

Speak to a member of our team to learn more about our Teams integration.

Scare off ghosting in recruitment

By | Candidate Experience, Customer Experience, Recruitment, Technology

What is ghosting? Ghosting usually refers to going silent on someone, by not replying to their messages. It typically happens on dating apps or by a crush when you triple text them.

As more technology enters the professional space, this term no longer only applies to dating. Now more than ever, recruiters and candidates are guilty of ghosting each other. In a tight job market, communication is the key to avoid this growing trend.

Your candidate could ghost you by not answering messages, ignoring your calls or even not showing up to an interview. How dare they! But candidates aren’t the only ones to blame. Sometimes recruiters can also be guilty of ghosting, by themselves ignoring calls or e-mails – leading to a vicious cycle of ghosting. Sounds spooky, right?

So, how do you prevent ghosting? Meaningful and reliable communication is the key to stop ghosting. Building a good relationship with each candidate at every stage of the hiring process will help you. Candidates want to know that you value them as individuals and that they are your priority. If they find these stronger relationships through other recruiters, then you may find yourself getting stood up for an interview. (See what we did there? Stood up, ghosting, dating? Never mind).

Be positive, transparent and honest with your candidates and they will most likely treat you with the same respect.

Ensure your candidates feel valued by checking their CRM records each time you contact them. Past call recordings, detailed notes and data will help you provide a personalised communication for each and every contact, with CloudCall’s features.

Interested in finding out more about our solution? Sign up for a demo here.

Boost response rates by using broadcast messaging

By | Communications, Sales, Technology

Reports have shown that 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes. How, if at all, are you and your team utilising texts?

We suggest increasing faster communication by using broadcast messaging. It provides a cost-effective method of sending bulk text messages, to multiple clients, contacts, candidates and customers.

Watch our video to find out more.

To try it for yourself, why not book yourself a demo with CloudCall today?

Broadcast messaging has the power to transform sales. Are you using it to its full potential?

By | Communications, Product
Broadcast messaging, also known as bulk SMS or mass messaging is a great way to communicate with prospective customers or clients and has the power to transform sales. Whether you’re alerting customers to an update or looking to promote your latest offer, broadcast messaging ensures your message makes it to your audience and doesn’t get lost among the spam of the email inbox. Read More