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Customer Satisfaction Archives | CloudCall

4 benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM

By | Communications, Technology
If you and your business use a CRM system, then you already know they are a great solution for a range of different business needs. Sometimes, however, the CRM itself may not be enough. Which is where integrations come in. *CloudCall to the rescue* 

Integrations (such as CloudCall) provide more detailed reporting, advanced automation, efficient functionality, customer feedback surveys…the list goes on.  

Basically, if your CRM is without an integration, then you are using it in black and white. With an integration? Well lets just call that Ultra HDR 8k. You get the picture (pardon the pun). 

So, the benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM:  Read More

Why you need call groups now

By | Communications, Customer Experience, Product

Create call groups of teams with specific skills and knowledge, who are responsible for dealing with certain areas of the business. Calls can be directed to these groups, ensuring that customer queries are dealt with efficiently.

Why does your business need call groups?

  • Ensure your customers are being dealt with by the right people.
  • Whether it’s customer service teams for queries and issues, salespeople for new customers, or finance teams for payment questions.
  • Calls can be automatically directed to these groups.

So level up your customer experience with call groups now!

Contact us for more information on call groups and our other great features.

Why we’ve gone green

By | Marketing, News, Productivity

You’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve gone green.

Our social media logos have turned from purple to green, as we have been given the Green Economy Mark by London Stock Exchange. But what is it and why?

We won’t keep you in suspense, watch our newest video below to find out more.

Check in with us next week, when we share why going green is so important for us. You can also take a look at how you can be green whilst working remotely here.

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Challenges for recruiters this Christmas

By | Candidate Experience, Recruitment, Remote Working, Uncategorized

Recruitment is a challenging industry at the best of times, but also one of the most rewarding.

The end of a normal year brings new challenges, when a lot of businesses and industries shut over the Christmas period. As this hasn’t been a normal year (to say the least), this could mean that there are less clients interested in filling roles or that your candidates are a little less responsive.

But don’t lose hope – although this year has been challenging enough, the issues you usually face over the holidays could actually be easier to overcome this year.

A huge challenge recruiters usually face at Christmas is not being able to contact people on annual leave. Emails get lost, calls get ignored and not to mention a spot of festive ghosting. Luckily this year, with clients and candidates being more connected than ever (and with no holidays to go on) it may be easier to get in touch than usual.

When you would usually be stuck in the office trying to catch candidates on their lunch breaks or after work, you can now, thanks to a huge increase in remote working, have more flexibility. Candidates find it easier to make contact and take calls whilst working from home, interviews are easier as so many are now done online.

Try multiple platforms

When you get unresponsive clients and candidates over the Christmas period it may seem like all hope is lost…but it isn’t! Did you know that 87% of candidates want the right channel of communication at the right time? 41% will engage with their recruiter if a call is followed up by a text message too. Take a look at our previous infographic for more facts.

You can try reaching your customers on a variety of channels, including email, text and phone. Broadcast messaging and voicemail drops can make contacting your candidates this Christmas even easier.

However, make sure you strike a perfect balance between perseverance and spam – you don’t want your candidates and clients to feel like you are over-hassling them. Personalising each message can go a long way and actually gain you some customer service brownie points! It shows you are attentive, personable and only aims to boost your customer satisfaction.

No time like the present

It can be difficult when candidates and clients alike want to delay the process of recruitment until January. Another way to kick-start your 2021 is to advertise your candidates now. Let your clients know which candidates are ready and rearing to go ASAP. Remember that organisation and communication are key to effectively reconnecting with people in the new year. Gosh, that was a mouthful!

Anticipating the challenges of the Christmas and New Year periods allow you to better prepare for them and face them head on. The holidays can be seen as an easy time to be less active, but if you use this time productively, you can strengthen relationships and poise your moves ready for early 2021.

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4 CloudCall for Microsoft Teams benefits recruiters will love

By | Communications, Product, Recruitment
We don’t know if you’ve heard…CloudCall is now available for Microsoft Teams!

In the current climate, lots of businesses are running remotely. Recruiters are meeting with candidates online, calling clients from their kitchens and communicating with colleagues through services such as Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams isn’t just a handy work tool either, it’s become a way to stay connected to your network and has become a daily communication tool for many people around the world.

We’ve spoken to numerous customers, who have all told us one of their biggest pains is having to switch between Microsoft Teams and their CRM system.

Well switch no more. Our new integration pulls information from your existing CRM system and makes details more accessible and useful within Microsoft Teams. Features such as click to call and opening candidate records, have been added to create smooth and simple processes for the user.

You can thank us later.

CloudCall for Microsoft Teams has many other features to help streamline your recruitment experience. Read More

What is CRM?

By | Communications
Never heard of CRM? Or perhaps it’s been mentioned and you’re not sure what it actually means. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered so next time you can dazzle your colleagues with your expert knowledge! Read More

How can your CRM system improve customer experience?

By | Customer Experience, Uncategorized
Customer experience is one of the cornerstones around which a successful business is built. It’s importance stems from the fact that without impressing new and existing customers, they will likely take their business elsewhere. What’s more, when customer experience is great, your customers will encourage others to use your business through word of mouth and positive reviews. All of this will ultimately affect your business’s bottom line. Read More

A Quick Conversation with Dualta Doherty, founder of Dualta Doherty & Partners

By | Communications, Productivity, Recruitment

Dualta has 10 years of experience in the recruitment industry and founded Dualta Doherty & Partners five years ago. They are a Rec2Rec recruitment agency with a focus on international work.  In 2018 Dualta set up The Recruiter Startup Podcast to explore building & scaling a recruitment company with the best & brightest in the industry as guests sharing their knowledge. As well as this, he recently set up a remote recruitment business called Scale International. Read More

Boost customer experience with the power of CRM

By | Communications, Customer Experience

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a great way of keeping track of customer account details, account history and for managing interactions with existing and potential customers. Tracking these interactions can help you understand your customers through their buying habits, queries, requests and even their complaints.

The importance of customer experience is crucial to the growth and development of your brand. A great customer experience can build loyalty, that through word of mouth and positive reviews will lead to more customers, meaning more profit for your business.

Discover how a CloudCall integration could help improve your customers experiences by booking a demo here.

7 ways a CRM system can help you improve sales

By | Sales, Technology
Whatever the size of your business, a CRM system can be a huge advantage. In fact, according to Salesforce, CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

To get an idea of just how valuable a CRM system is for your business, you need to understand the reasons it can lead to improve sales. Read More