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CloudCall dashboards at a glance

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To get the most out of your team and drive them towards achieving improved results you will need to measure their performance. Management dashboards have long been the go-to for monitoring high-level performance. They allow you to filter down data, highlighting only the key elements that provide valuable insight into a team’s success. CloudCall dashboards are a handy way to get a quick overview of your businesses KPIs in one place. By pulling data from different reports, a dashboard provides easy to understand metrics. So, when you’re short on time or just need a brief update on performance at a glance, you’ll be able to find everything you need, quickly.

Getting an up to date, instant snapshot of your business’s performance is just one of the benefits of using dashboards. You can also easily identify and rectify downward trends, track efficiencies and set goals with information from your call data.

Real-time monitoring of relevant data throughout the day allows setbacks in performance to be identified as they occur. And might enable deeper issues to be realised and corrected. Sharing dashboards with a team can also encourage motivation, productivity and provides clear goals. 

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3 Benefits CTI Can Bring to Your Business

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CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) allows computers to interact with a phone system, moving control of the telephony platform to a computerized environment. There are a whole host of benefits for successful CTI adoption for businesses and users alike. CTI often takes advantage of cloud technology as opposed to a more traditional hardware approach such as an on-premise PBX. One of the biggest advantages is that it brings together CRM and communications data. 

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