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Control your data with communication technology

By | Communications, Recruitment

Over the past few decades, communication technology has evolved enormously. And the sudden increase in remote workers during the Covid19 pandemic has only accelerated this. We now depend on our mobile phones more than every before. So much so in fact, that on average we check them 58 times per day, and 30 of those times are during work hours.

As a result, people are becoming accustomed to fast and easy responses to texts, emails and social media messaging. And while some are taking time to adapt to these new ways of working, others are performing like never before. In fact, research by OpenMarket found that Millennials in particular aren’t at all receptive to traditional forms of communication.  A massive 75% of which prefer to text instead of calling. Similarly, only 24% of emails are being opened. And millions of voicemails are deleted before they’re even listened to!

With a growing Millennial workforce, it’s key that recruiters embrace this mobile-first way of thinking that drives modern communication. When change is embraced, opportunities arise. And recruiters that start conversations and build relationships using the communications channels their candidates prefer will stand a better chance of reaching the top talent before their competitors. Read More