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Productivity Archives | CloudCall

3 things we’ve discovered about communication

By | Communications, Customer Experience, Productivity, Technology
We all know that poor communication can hold businesses back.

A business’s productivity relies on how well its team members can collaborate, both internally and externally.

What we’re basically saying is, fail to make use of communication tools and processes at your peril! It’s not only performance and efficiency that will plummet, but customer experience could too.

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Broadcast SMS: the simple way to reach your contacts

By | Customer Experience, Product, Productivity, Technology
What is Broadcast SMS I hear you ask… well simply put, it’s a way to send SMS messages to multiple contacts at the same time.

With CloudCall you can send Broadcast Messages with a click of a button, automatically capturing all SMS activity back into your CRM system. This can provide you with visibility into all your teams conversations with their customers. Read More