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Reduce time to hire with CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

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Recruitment is collaborative. Many recruiters are juggling candidates, clients, colleagues and interview panels. Cutting down the time used to connect with your colleagues, but not cutting the interactions, is a sure-fire way to reduce time to hire. Getting everyone on the same page and sharing details instantly is easier than ever before with CloudCall for Microsoft Teams.

After all, every holdup in your communications is risking the loss of a great candidate. See how CloudCall and Microsoft Teams can help reduce your time to hire:

Improve collaboration – Search and share CRM contacts in Chat and Teams Channels.

Boost productivity – Make call directly from the contact card.

Connect faster – Quickly and easily send text messages from Microsoft Teams.

Capture all conversations – Calls made from Microsoft Teams are saved and recorded against the CRM contact record.

Find out more about our Microsoft Teams integration here. Why not request a call back from a member of our helpful team to discuss how CloudCall can help you reduce time to hire?

How CloudCall SMS helped Connexion increase candidate response rates

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When looking for a telephony integration, Dan Cushing, Managing Partner at Connexion, knew that improving the candidate and employee experience was their top priority. Recruiters using our platform are able to make placements faster by increasing the quality of important conversations with candidates by SMS.  

Dan reveals the benefits of integrated communications for his team saying, “It’s fully integrated and it works, that’s why it won out.” His team loves CloudCall because everything they do integrates directly into Bullhorn.  Read More

Challenges for recruiters this Christmas

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Recruitment is a challenging industry at the best of times, but also one of the most rewarding.

The end of a normal year brings new challenges, when a lot of businesses and industries shut over the Christmas period. As this hasn’t been a normal year (to say the least), this could mean that there are less clients interested in filling roles or that your candidates are a little less responsive.

But don’t lose hope – although this year has been challenging enough, the issues you usually face over the holidays could actually be easier to overcome this year.

A huge challenge recruiters usually face at Christmas is not being able to contact people on annual leave. Emails get lost, calls get ignored and not to mention a spot of festive ghosting. Luckily this year, with clients and candidates being more connected than ever (and with no holidays to go on) it may be easier to get in touch than usual.

When you would usually be stuck in the office trying to catch candidates on their lunch breaks or after work, you can now, thanks to a huge increase in remote working, have more flexibility. Candidates find it easier to make contact and take calls whilst working from home, interviews are easier as so many are now done online.

Try multiple platforms

When you get unresponsive clients and candidates over the Christmas period it may seem like all hope is lost…but it isn’t! Did you know that 87% of candidates want the right channel of communication at the right time? 41% will engage with their recruiter if a call is followed up by a text message too. Take a look at our previous infographic for more facts.

You can try reaching your customers on a variety of channels, including email, text and phone. Broadcast messaging and voicemail drops can make contacting your candidates this Christmas even easier.

However, make sure you strike a perfect balance between perseverance and spam – you don’t want your candidates and clients to feel like you are over-hassling them. Personalising each message can go a long way and actually gain you some customer service brownie points! It shows you are attentive, personable and only aims to boost your customer satisfaction.

No time like the present

It can be difficult when candidates and clients alike want to delay the process of recruitment until January. Another way to kick-start your 2021 is to advertise your candidates now. Let your clients know which candidates are ready and rearing to go ASAP. Remember that organisation and communication are key to effectively reconnecting with people in the new year. Gosh, that was a mouthful!

Anticipating the challenges of the Christmas and New Year periods allow you to better prepare for them and face them head on. The holidays can be seen as an easy time to be less active, but if you use this time productively, you can strengthen relationships and poise your moves ready for early 2021.

If you would like to find out more about CloudCall and our features, why not book a demo?

4 CloudCall for Microsoft Teams benefits recruiters will love

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We don’t know if you’ve heard…CloudCall is now available for Microsoft Teams!

In the current climate, lots of businesses are running remotely. Recruiters are meeting with candidates online, calling clients from their kitchens and communicating with colleagues through services such as Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams isn’t just a handy work tool either, it’s become a way to stay connected to your network and has become a daily communication tool for many people around the world.

We’ve spoken to numerous customers, who have all told us one of their biggest pains is having to switch between Microsoft Teams and their CRM system.

Well switch no more. Our new integration pulls information from your existing CRM system and makes details more accessible and useful within Microsoft Teams. Features such as click to call and opening candidate records, have been added to create smooth and simple processes for the user.

You can thank us later.

CloudCall for Microsoft Teams has many other features to help streamline your recruitment experience. Read More

Scare off ghosting in recruitment

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What is ghosting? Ghosting usually refers to going silent on someone, by not replying to their messages. It typically happens on dating apps or by a crush when you triple text them.

As more technology enters the professional space, this term no longer only applies to dating. Now more than ever, recruiters and candidates are guilty of ghosting each other. In a tight job market, communication is the key to avoid this growing trend.

Your candidate could ghost you by not answering messages, ignoring your calls or even not showing up to an interview. How dare they! But candidates aren’t the only ones to blame. Sometimes recruiters can also be guilty of ghosting, by themselves ignoring calls or e-mails – leading to a vicious cycle of ghosting. Sounds spooky, right?

So, how do you prevent ghosting? Meaningful and reliable communication is the key to stop ghosting. Building a good relationship with each candidate at every stage of the hiring process will help you. Candidates want to know that you value them as individuals and that they are your priority. If they find these stronger relationships through other recruiters, then you may find yourself getting stood up for an interview. (See what we did there? Stood up, ghosting, dating? Never mind).

Be positive, transparent and honest with your candidates and they will most likely treat you with the same respect.

Ensure your candidates feel valued by checking their CRM records each time you contact them. Past call recordings, detailed notes and data will help you provide a personalised communication for each and every contact, with CloudCall’s features.

Interested in finding out more about our solution? Sign up for a demo here.

4 benefits of VoIP for recruiters

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VoIP, or voice over internet protocol if you’re not an encyclopaedia, is simply a way to manage your voice calls over the internet. It means you can make calls anywhere that you have internet access rather than a phone line. Welcome to the future people.

When so many recruiters are working remotely, VoIP has many other benefits for you.

Take a look at our video, telling you about some benefits of VoIP and how it can help you make more placements.

To try it for yourself, why not book yourself a demo with CloudCall today?

What is local presence?

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Essentially, local presence is a clever little feature that allows users to make calls using a local phone number. Using local presence can boost the number of calls picked up by customers, clients and candidates as familiar-looking numbers are more likely to be answered. 

Take a look at our short video on local presence below:

Sounds like something you need right? We have lots of great features to make your life easier, so get in touch with a member of our team to find out how CloudCall can help grow your business.

How CloudCall can help you engage with more candidates, faster

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On Tuesday 17th November, CloudCall showcased two masterclasses at the Recruitment Innovation technology Showcase.

Don’t worry if you missed them, as we are posting the videos for you to watch here. We already uploaded our first presentation, on ‘Balancing increased workloads in a multi-channel environment’, which you can find here.

Our second session, again led by our Senior Sales Manager, Josh Martin, explores ‘How CloudCall can help you engage with more candidates, faster’, which also tells you a bit more about our CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integration.

Please view our second showcase below.

Thanks for watching, if you would like to know more about CloudCall, then you can book a demo here.

Recruitment masterclass: the importance of balancing your workload

By | Communications, Productivity

On Tuesday 17th November, CloudCall showcased two masterclasses at the Recruitment Innovation Technology Showcase.

Did you miss them? Not to worry, as we have recorded both digital presentations and will be posting them on our site for you.

The first session, led by our Senior Sales Manager, Josh Martin, explores the topic of ‘Balancing increased workloads in a multi-channel environment’.

In this session, Josh looks at why call volumes are increasing, the challenges that recruiters are facing as a result, as well as explore the ways that recruiters can use technology to balance workloads while enjoying a more effective dialogue with clients and candidates in a multi-channel environment.

Please view the showcase below.

Find that interesting? We knew you would. If you would like to view our second session, ‘How CloudCall can help you engage with more candidates, faster’, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our next post.

If you would like to know more about CloudCall, then you can book a demo here.

EngageX Europe Roundup

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EngageX, Bulhorn’s leading recruitment industry event, has been a great example of how businesses are successfully adapting to the rapidly changing, online world we live in today. The event has been a highlight of our calendar since its founding, and last week we were proud to be return as a platinum sponsor. Read More