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4 benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM

By | Communications, Technology
If you and your business use a CRM system, then you already know they are a great solution for a range of different business needs. Sometimes, however, the CRM itself may not be enough. Which is where integrations come in. *CloudCall to the rescue* 

Integrations (such as CloudCall) provide more detailed reporting, advanced automation, efficient functionality, customer feedback surveys…the list goes on.  

Basically, if your CRM is without an integration, then you are using it in black and white. With an integration? Well lets just call that Ultra HDR 8k. You get the picture (pardon the pun). 

So, the benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM:  Read More

How IVR can transform your customer experience

By | Communications, Marketing, Productivity

If you have ever tried to call a bank, internet provider or any company for that matter, you have probably encountered IVR.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is that automated menu you reach in a call that says ‘For our opening ours, press 1, for customer service, please press 2’ and so on…

IVR allows businesses to automatically direct a caller to the appropriate person or department, improving the customer experience without them having to go through multiple people to get to the correct place.

An IVR works by collecting information from the customer. Commonly, the caller will be prompted to select options by using their phone’s keypad or using voice recognition technology.

More advanced IVRs can provide customers with pre-recorded answers to FAQ’s.

If you’d like to learn more about CloudCall and our features, then you can book a demo here.

3 reasons in call consent is a must have for your business

By | Management, Product, Technology, Training

CloudCall in call consent for GDPR – easy regulatory compliance with every phone call…

Automatically view consent status for inbound and outbound calls, and record verbal consent when needed. View status reports for individuals or your full database in just a few clicks.

So, what’s so special about CloudCall’s in call consent feature?

  • Every call allows you to capture your client’s agreement to hold personal data.
  • Requests for consent and the customer’s response is recorded, time stamped and stored.
  • A few clicks provide you with a consent report for your entire database, taking the guesswork out of compliance.

Monitoring and securing your customers consent couldn’t be easier!

Find out more about how we can help your business with GDPR compliance by talking to a member of our team.

3 tips to get the most out of CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

By | Communications, Product

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular business products offering internal communications, document sharing and collaboration toolsWith many of us now working remotely, these features allow colleagues to work together by staying connected as if everyone was working in the office together. Teams is quickly becoming an essential part of work life for people around the world. 

CloudCall’s integration with Microsoft Teamsprovides additional functionality to the platform, allowing users to search their CRM systems contacts and make calls from directly within Microsoft Teams. All calls take place within your CRM system, so all our great features are still available for you to use.  

With any new platform or integration, it may take some getting used to. We’re sharing some handy tips to get the most out of the platform so you can become a savvy user in no time!  

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12 Days of CloudCall

By | Communications, News, Productivity
You’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas, but this festive season you joined us for the 12 days of CloudCall!

Who knew the 12 days of Christmas ends on 5th Jan anyway?

Each day, on the 12 days CloudCall, we looked back at some of our greatest achievements and announcements from 2020, with a few festive messages thrown in there too.

We created a special GIF for each day and have complied our top ones here for you in case you missed any over the last two weeks. Read More

Kick start your business phone system wish list for 2021

By | Management, Product, Technology

Kick start your 2021 business phone system wish list now

With the number of phone system providers growing, it can be daunting to find the perfect phone solution for your business’s needs. This guide will give you the tools you need to evaluate which system is right for your business. To make things simple we’ll stick to only covering VoIP or cloud-based phone systems in this quick wish list guide. Read More

Broadcast SMS for Salesforce has landed

By | News, Productivity, Sales

Psst. Have you heard? Broadcast SMS for Salesforce is here!

Broadcast SMS is a great way for Salesforce users to contact their network.

Users can send out bulk messages and boost reach and response rates; saving time and money instead of making individual calls. You can take a look at how to boost your sales with Broadcast SMS here.

If you’d like to try out CloudCall’s features for yourself, why not book a demo?

Boost your sales with Broadcast SMS

By | Sales, Technology

Have your sales team tried broadcast messaging yet? No? Well we’re here to tell you how it can boost your sales.

Broadcast messaging is basically a bulk SMS – just not in a ‘spammy’ way. It’s a great tool to connect with customers, especially when text messages are almost always opened within the first few minutes of receiving them!

In the current climate, there is a lack of not only face-to-face sales, but also the personal connection you can make with your customers. Broadcast messages can transform your sales and also your relationships with your clients.

CloudCall’s feature allows you to create a list of CRM contacts and send out your message, delivered straight to your contact’s, customer’s and client’s mobile phones. If you use Salesforce, you can now send out Broadcast messages straight from there!

Here are just a few of the benefits of Broadcast SMS and how they can boost your sales:

Personalise – personalise your broadcast messages for great customer service.

Connect – connect with clients to build rapport and increase sales.

Update – alert your customers to new updates, products and promotions.

Save time – send a bulk message to save time (and money) instead of individual calls.

We know people are more likely to read a text than answer a call (we’re all guilty of it). For the best response rates, why not try Broadcast Messaging? You can even book a demo with us to try out some of CloudCall’s features.