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Talk is Cheap. Communication’s Priceless.

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Over the past few decades, communications technology has evolved rapidly, and we now depend on our mobile phones so much that we check them 55 times per day, averaging 20,000 times per year.

People are becoming accustomed to fast and easy responses to texts, emails and social media messaging. In fact, research by OpenMarket found that Millennials in particular are not very receptive to traditional communication methods and 75% prefer texting to calling. Meanwhile, only 24% of emails are being read at all and countless voicemails are deleted before being listened to.

Recruiters can embrace this opportunity and reach the top talent first by starting conversations and building relationships using the communication channels their candidates prefers. With a growing Millennial workforce, it’s key that recruiters embrace the mobile first behaviour that drives modern communication.

However, managers and business owners can lose visibility on candidate and client communications. With recruiters switching between their desk phone and personal mobiles, key information can be lost while admin tasks and note taking are forgotten. Not only this, but there is no clear and easy way of keeping track of which communication channel is most effective. Especially when you consider the high staff turnover in recruitment.

A report by APSCo and Deloitte, found that 75% of recruitment organisations have challenges retaining their staff and this number is only set to rise. When an employee leaves, they take their mobile phone with them, along with the record of all those key conversations with candidates and clients. This not only makes project handovers more challenging but means that they could be taking those candidate and client relationships with them to their new role.

However, you can seize the messaging opportunity by capturing the conversations and integrating communications into your CRM using CloudCall. Call, text and send instant messages all from a single interface within your CRM and have all the relevant details automatically logged against the relevant record. This provides a clear audit trail of all interactions and prevents any candidate and client information being lost.

Streamlined candidate and client communications can also extend to a recruiter’s personal mobile using the CloudCall Go! app, which allows the conversation to continue wherever you are. All calls and texts made through the app sync back into the CRM and don’t use a recruiter’s personal call plan.

So, no more lost conversations, contacts or missed opportunities.

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