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Top tips: Remote working post COVID-19

In a society becoming increasingly desperate for stability many are now discussing the ‘new normal’ and what it might look like. Our lives, both professionally and personally, have been transformed by the COVID crisis and working from home has been standard practice for many. It is now up to us to adapt.  

So, what will future working procedures look like? 

According to new research by Gartner many employees will have the opportunity to work from home permanently. In fact, nearly three quarters of CFOs plan to shift at least 5% of on-site employees to permanently remote positions post-COVID 19.1 This may be due to employee reports of higher job satisfaction and productivity, which in turn means greater profitability for employers. This more flexible future in working practices will be a welcome change for many, with the world’s tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon leading the way forward, shaping and defining flexible working arrangements.2 

Did you know: 84% of people say it’s either very or quite important for employers to offer staff the option of working from home3

4 ways to maintain productivity and morale:

1. Incorporate old office policies

It may be impossible to incorporate all the company office policies in a remote working environment as well as we would like, but some are in need of a lot of consideration. Policies such as onboarding a new staff member have to be as well defined and comprehensive as its previous office equivalent. A well-considered mix of great communication, (virtual) face time and extensive training will make sure they have the best possible remote new starter experience. 

2. Keep structure

One of the significant matters that remote working employees face is effectively structuring their day. Combat this with morning catch ups to define the tasks for the day and their prioritisation. Making sure employees also take adequate screen breaks is just as important.  

3. Keep learning

Taking on board employee comments and suggestions is a great way to continually improve remote working practices, and quick surveys can be invaluable for gathering this data. Remote working is new to a significant number of employers so listening to and learning from employees is key. Be open to change and evolve company practices to keep morale up, ensure everything runs smoothly and safeguard employee satisfaction levels. 

4. Stay social

Keeping up employee morale is naturally easier in an office environment. With a lack of face to face interaction encourage activities like virtual pubs, coffee breaks and quiz nights to keep colleagues in touch on a personal level.

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