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All businesses need productive and proficient employees that can get the job done without constant guidance. A good onboarding schedule is key to getting your new employee up and running in no time. Although, don’t rush it. A good onboarding process can take months.

So, what exactly is remote onboarding?

Onboarding is a sequence of events, normally including training sessions, workshops and calls that allows new employees to get to know their role, their team and the place they sit in the business. Onboarding gives new hires a chance to discover more about the company itself, it’s values, procedures and products or services. The onboarding process is likely to be tailored to fit the role and last several months. Remote onboarding is simply the term used when the business, employee or both are based remotely.

The events of 2020 have changed the way we are working. Of those who work from home, 86% did so as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.1 Remote working can be financially beneficial due to lower overheads, increased productivity and lower employee stress levels. Take a look at our infographic on the benefits of remote working.

“An organisation is putting a new hire at risk if that person feels that they are all alone” Rob Altman, SVP Operations, CloudCall.

Using technology like CloudCall’s call recording feature can make remote training much easier. Allowing new employees to listen back to sales pitches and meetings can be an invaluable source of information. Getting a new hire to take over a client or candidate from a colleague can be virtually seamless if they are able listen back to past conversations.

Take a look at our 3 ideas for a great welcome:

  • Get all tech sent to your new hire in plenty of time. Don’t forget to offer essentials like a comfortable desk chair or laptop stand.
  • A welcome package can instantly make your new employee feel valued, even if it’s just a welcome card, notebook and pen.
  • Make time for introductions and if possible, a link to an established employee, that they can contact when they need advice or just a chat over a e-coffee break, can help ease the first day nerves for your new hire.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback on your onboarding process so you can make your next remote onboard a smoother process for you and your new hire.

We asked Rob Altman, SVP Operations, about his experiences of remote onboarding with CloudCall.

“Very positive and technology has really helped my onboarding experience. For years I’ve worked for companies that have embraced unified communications and as a result I really like using video. Voice and video have been the biggest contributors to the ability to on-board in the crazy time we have right now. I also think having the right technology set up in place is paramount, whether you’re a new starter or not, having the tools to communicate effectively is massively important.”

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