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Transform your mobile office with a CRM integration

Home-working, hot desking, working at the kitchen table. It’s hard to get your set up perfect right now 

One way you can make life easier is by transforming your mobile office using a CRM integration 

For most workers, the CRM is the centre of their working day. It’s the first tab open on their browser, the hub of business and the bank of collective knowledge of your company.  

It makes sense, then, that the place you spend the most time is where you keep the tools you use more often. The best way to achieve that is through a CRM integration 

CloudCall can transform your CRM into a communications hub, providing you with a full phone system at the click of a button.  

Need to transfer a call to a colleague even if they aren’t in the same building or connected to the office phone system? No problem. Want to call your hottest prospects quickly? Just click. Sending out SMS to all the leads who you haven’t spoken to in six months? CloudCall has got you covered. 

A good CRM integration will have lots of features to choose from effectively turning it into a swiss army knife of functionality. 

Our top tips for picking out the right integration; 

  • Is it a native integration or is it provided through a middleware? Native integrations tend to have more functionality and depth in the way they interact with the CRM. 
  • Think about your user’s workflow and the way they interact with the CRM. Ask them what is time consuming or do they have to input data twice. Then once you know where the pain points are, transform the CRM with an integration that eliminates that problem. 
  • If you can’t find what you are looking for you can always ask your CRM for a new functionality and suggest software for them to integrate with (this may take a while). 

Would you like to find out more about what features CloudCall can offer your business? If so, you can book in for a demo, here. 

Sam Marzell

About Sam Marzell

Sam is the CRM integrations partnership manager based in London. His role is to look for new partnerships with CRM companies, working with them to build great integrations. In his off time he will be seen all over London soaking in the history and experiences, a throwback to his past career as a tour guide.