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Unifying Customer Touch-Points within Recruitment

Business process automation is becoming a common discussion point for larger Recruitment organisations using advanced CRM systems. The ability to “systemize” process creates consistency , predictability and scalability.  The visualisation of performance using user friendly Dashboards and Reports enables management  to scrutinize  and control crucial KPIs.

recruitment_touch_pointsHowever, many Recruitment businesses are experiencing disjointed customer and candidate journeys. This is primarily because the various touch points within the recruitment business operate within separate silos. For instance, it is still rare to see Recruitment and Staffing professionals working from a single system that gives a unified view of a Candidate (emails, phone conversations, CV and Social Data). This in turn means that conversations that happen between a candidate or customer and their recruiter rarely make it to the management team who can effect impactful actions and improvements based directly on this real-time information.

By the same principle, customer requirements also may not make it cleanly to the candidate or their recruiter allowing them to better determine if indeed they will make a good fit for the role in question. This emphasis on client and candidate openness will lead to better placement, less candidate churn and greater overall satisfaction which inevitably leads to increased repeat business.

Integrating real-time communications into the CRM creates the environment for agents to become far more productive. It streamlines training and simplifies onboarding and creates accountability across the organisation, this combination leads to better Customer and Candidate experience and greater employee satisfaction.

By unifying telephony into the Recruitment system it is possible to predict the destination of the outbound sales call and dynamically alter the sales person’s phone number to match closely the destination number location, greatly increasing the answer rate for that call. Powerful analytics gives businesses greater insight into conversation outcomes, best times to call and reduction in the need to make  lengthy ‘post call’ notes which impacts productivity.

The Business Impact of Unified Touch-points within Recruitment

Consistent and Unified Customer and Candidate Touch-points provide Recruitment Businesses with huge benefits including:

  • Increased Successful First Placements
    • Improved Customer Satisfaction
    • Repeat Business from existing Customers
    • Easier retention of Candidates (they know you place them accurately)
    • Less time spent re-placing roles which improves profit and reduces credit noting to customers.
  • Feedback reaches management faster
    • Giving Management Teams access to a Unified Customer and Candidate view including call recordings, outcomes and analytics will lead to faster Business improvements based on real unfiltered feedback directly inside your CRM records.
  • Knowledge sharing will improve across the organisation
    • Recruiters who have Business Development Teams and separate account management teams can suffer from information lag or proxy (2nd or 3rd hand information) to or from the candidate or customer. Removing the barriers to information sharing across voice and data will make the business more efficient for all concerned.
  • Voice Unification allows for a data driven Sales Processes
    • Calling contacts from inside the CRM ensures data consistency and quicker more accurate calling
    • Matching outbound calling numbers to the recipient destination increases pickup rates.
    • Integrating the call recordings of sales calls back into the CRM contact record ensures accountability and consistency
    • Real-time analytics of sales communications gives agents and management insight into the best calling times and conversation outcome.
    • Customer and candidate web enquiries no longer require manual processing in order to generate sales calls. The system automatically places the sales call and connects to the correct team or recruiter.

Implementing integrated communications into your Recruitment CRM system using a suitable CloudCall system is now straightforward and highly cost effective facilitating a clear return on investment.

Integrating your customer and candidate touch points leads to a better recruitment process and improved profit and retention.

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