Content: How to Use It To Stand Out To Prospects

Content: How to Use It To Stand Out To Prospects

Do you know what your marketing team is up to? If your answer is no, you may be at a disadvantage when talking to prospects. If a lead comes in through content (say, a downloaded ebook or social media campaign), you need to know so you can talk to them knowledgeably.

According to Forrester, “today’s buyers might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their journey before they reach out to a vendor.” So it’s essential that you know what marketing programs and information they may have found in their research.

Here are a few tips for getting noticed by prospects with the help of your marketing team and some great content.

Know what programs your marketing team is running

Know what websites you have ads on. Know what new ebooks or whitepapers are being promoted – and read them! This kind of information gives you something to talk about with a prospect. It’s a great way to find some common ground and understand where they are in the buying process and how much you need to educate them.

Write blog posts

Content is a great way to bring in leads, and it’s even better when content is written by people with experience in your industry. Writing a post gives you credibility in your sales conversations, and forwarding your piece to prospects is a good conversation starter – better than “just checking in” for prospects that you’re waiting to hear back from.
Content is also a great conversation starter in LinkedIn groups, instead of just pushing your product. When you can give people something of value, they’re much more likely to talk to you. If you can relate over a particular topic, it shows that you care about the same things they do.

Participate in social media

According to a Social Buying Study from IDC, 84% of C-level/VP executives use social media to support purchase decisions. Your customers are using social, so why not engage with them there. It’s easy to start by promoting your company’s content, events and news.
Follow your company’s social accounts to make it easier and faster to share. You can also set up Google alerts for industry news. It’s good to post pertinent articles from different sources as well as your company’s blog or website to keep things varied for your followers. Be sure to follow industry thought leaders as well as your peers and retweet interesting content.

Tell marketing what works for you

If you noticed particular messaging is really resonating with prospective customers, share that information. If customers love a particular feature of your product, tell your marketing team. Keep those lines of communication open for a mutually beneficial relationship.

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