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Variety – An Essential for Content Marketing

There is no doubt that Marketing has changed dramatically and traditional outbound marketing methods for lead generation are no longer as effective and can also be very costly.

In B2B marketing – content is most definitely king!

Each type of content marketing has its place and can be very valuable if used appropriately for your audience and their place in the sales funnel. However, the key point to remember when producing content for lead generation is to not rely on one type and one type alone.

There are many types of content that can be used for content marketing but in my experience there are a few that are at the top of the pile when it comes to lead generation.


Quite simply, if you blog you are more likely to be found than a company that doesn’t blog. Each and every blog is an opportunity for you to be found by your target audience as they are all indexed by search engines. Simply, this creates multiple paths to your website. As a minimum you should blog once a week but really as often as you want to and remember that each blog is a new way for your audience to find you and to generate a lead.


An eBook is a like a blog on steroids and can be anything from 5-35 pages in length. Try not to get hung up on how many pages your eBook is but instead focus on the quality of the content and whether or not it achieves your goal. eBooks are designed to be visually attractive, informative and in a reader friendly format. An eBook needs to inform and entertain your audience.

Case Studies

When creating your content, it is essential that you have content for different stages of the sales funnel. Blogs and eBooks are great for your prospects who are just finding out about you as a business. Case Studies are useful for customers further down in the sales funnel who are looking for evidence on how your product, solution or service has benefited someone else. A good case study will define the problem and give an overview of the solution and the results provided.


Videos give you the opportunity to visually demonstrate something in real-time that may be difficult to put down in words. A video presents you with the chance to show your customers the personality of the business and showcase what is possible without having to say too much. Videos are easy for your customers to digest and they have the added benefit that they can easily be shared.

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