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What does the future of conversation look like?

By February 20, 2020Technology

At a glance, the way we communicate in the modern day can seem incredibly complicated. Having a good understanding of the communications landscape is paramount to engaging customers effectively, collaborating with team members, and having meaningful relationships with friends and family.

With new technology moving at an astonishing pace, future innovations could help to unify communication and bring back personal connections or, they could further complicate and divide our already fragmented systems.

5G Mobile Internet is the 5th generation of mobile communication and promises huge increases in data transfer rates when it’s rolled out through 2020. This technology will allow for seamless video communication at high resolution, as well as, allowing new services to be developed which rely on a high bandwidth mobile connection. This means we could be months away from the start of a new era of conversations, relying on channels that have yet to be invented.

Virtual reality technology is improving more and more every day. Phone and video conferencing changed the way we have business meetings, now VR allows for a fully immersive meeting experience without any physical constraints. Face to face conversations are not currently possible through VR, but will arrive in the future, and could introduce the ability to have personal, genuine conversations without meeting in real life.

Cloud computing offers a host of benefits including flexibility, increased collaboration and tighter security. Cloud based programs can range from storage, to telecoms, to document processing. Now with improving upload and download speeds, and increased reliability, is it any wonder why Forbes estimates 83% of enterprise workloads are in the cloud?

As Artificial Intelligence improves, chat bots can start to process more complex requests, as well as learn from previous interactions to refine their competencies. In 2018, Google developed a robot assistant which can make phone calls on your behalf to schedule appointments and make reservations in restaurants.  It’s possible that these bots could become indistinguishable from their human counterparts and would therefore revolutionise the customer service experience.

It seems like whatever we do, there will be a constant influx of communication channels that require our attention. At CloudCall, we are passionate about giving you the tools to enable meaningful conversations with your customers, and believe in constant incremental improvements to stay at the forefront of communications technology.

Having thought about the future of communication, let’s take a closer look at the current communications landscape in this quick video.

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