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What Does the Golden Age of the CRM Mean for You?

By September 4, 2014Communications

CRM Golden AgeIs this the Golden Age of the CRM?

In a recent article for techradar.pro, Désiré Athow sat with Marcin Malinowski, Director of International Services at European CRM Consultancy Outbox, for his thoughts on the current state of the CRM industry. Malinowski provides his insight into the biggest challenges for CRM companies, how new technology is affecting them and what the future looks like for the industry.

Malinowski makes several noteworthy points that we wanted to share, as well as add in some additional thoughts.

Does The Golden Age of the CRM Mean More Competition?

Malinowski covers the big names in CRM including, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle, but also highlights smaller companies making a splash like SugarCRM.

Competition is always good for the end user. It forces providers to continuously innovate and address frustrations and limitations. Whether it’s overly complicated workflows or glitches in the system – providers will need to step up to keep your business.

Or Does It Mean More Challenges?

When it comes to challenges for the bigger CRM companies, Malinowski says the top priority is getting the cloud right.
“Right now it’s all about delivering CRM via the cloud, and the big players are really trying to get that right – we’re seeing a lot of changes due to the cloud delivery model and the consumerisation of IT.”

We don’t disagree – the cloud is key to a successful CRM. Users expect flexibility and access that is hard to gain with an on-premise solution. They want to be able to integrate and attach all of their systems like a K’NEX Set.

What Does the Future Hold?

Malinowski stated that he expected to see an explosion of customer data and the CRM needing to expand to hold all of it. With the growing amounts of data, it’s hard to imagine how Malinowski’s assertion could prove false. Either the CRM companies adapt or fail. Users have tough demands on their CRMs which will only escalate over time.

Mark Seemann, SYNETY CEO, sees the CRM becoming even more integral to business:

“In the next ten years the CRM will become, even more so, the hub of the business, with an emphasis on integrations that allow all your needs to be met without leaving your CRM. This is how companies will achieve the productivity gains they are looking for.”

There are sure to be many other changes that none of us can even anticipate.
As Malinowski states, “the next decade in CRM is set to be a very exciting one.”

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