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Why call recording is a no brainer for businesses

If you haven’t got call recording, let us tell you why you need it.

If you care about training and developing your employees, keeping your customers happy or avoiding legal disputes – call recording is a must. Recording customer calls also helps in gaining valuable insights, measuring your effectiveness and improving your sales strategy.

Never forget a conversation

We’ve all been there. A customer calls in and the call goes well, they are interested in buying but you forget to write down a key piece of information. Now your only choice is to call them back and confirm the details you missed. Of course, this may come across as unprofessional and will impact that customer’s experience. With call recording this situation can be totally avoided.

When customers have so much buying choice and competition is fierce, every interaction like this is vital to getting and retaining a caller’s business or losing them to one of your competitors.

Monitor calls

Call recordings are extremely useful for making sure each member of staff is performing to their best ability. Monitoring calls allows you to provide additional training where needed. Additionally, once you know what a good or bad call for your business sounds like, you can use the call recording to train the rest of the team on what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

Understand your customers

Taking a look at the call history of a particular customer will you help to better understand them and therefore provide better customer service. You may find that they only have long conversations on Fridays or that they don’t answer the phone in the morning. This information is all incredibly useful, allowing you to better understand your customers.

Resolve issues

Call recording helps to resolve disputes and fight against lawsuits from unhappy customers. As call recording provided saved evidence of what customers say and agree to, it protects your business from legal headaches and saves cost.

Does my business need call recording?

We definitely think so, especially if any of the above benefits sound appealing to you. In the past, call recording was limited to only some of the largest enterprise businesses who could afford to pay for the features and hardware required. However, cloud services now make this possible for even the smallest businesses.

Speak to a member of our team to learn more about CloudCall’s call recording features.

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