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Why Digital Disruption is Good for Recruiters

For most of us, the word ‘disruption’ has negative connotations associated with – generally unwanted or unplanned – disturbance to an activity or process. This is, however, untrue for digital disruption which is truly transforming various industries – for the better. Take the Recruitment industry, for example. Digital disruption is helping recruiters become more productive, freeing up their time to attract and connect with more candidates and clients.

Recruiters face time-pressures to find suitable candidates for clients. This means that it is no longer sufficient to only advertise vacancies and job openings through jobsites – recruiters must now be more pro-active in finding candidates, some of whom, may not be actively searching for jobs. Moreover, candidates are increasingly using mobile devices to not only look for jobs, but to apply to them – this enhances the need for recruitment companies to provide solutions that can help candidates. So how will digital disruption help recruiters address these issues?

Become Mobile-friendly

A study by LinkedIn showed that 72% of job seekers use their mobiles to visit a company website, with 45% applying for a position from their phone. This means that candidates now use their mobile phones for more than just making and receiving calls, messages and emails. Recruitment agencies must optimize their website for mobile users and ensure that candidates are able to search and apply for jobs easily from mobile devices. It might be worth considering the development of a mobile app that candidates can use to apply for jobs and track their applications. This can also be used as a tool that recruiters can use to engage with candidates.

Attract Candidates with Recruitment Marketing

According to a recent graduate survey by The Guardian, the majority of respondents felt that digital advertising (72%) and social media marketing (98%) are now more important than ever for graduate recruitment. Digital technology is helping to extend the reach of recruiters – attracting candidates to jobs through digital marketing on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. This is also beneficial for recruiting experienced candidates. LinkedIn, the professional social network, offers recruiters the chance to advertise job vacancies, as well as search for and seek out candidates.

Easy Access to Candidate Information

These days, most candidates have an extensive digital footprint. A quick search on Google enables recruiters to access this footprint, unlocking valuable information on candidates through their profiles on social media and professional networks. This makes it easier for recruiters to validate the information listed in a resume. It also helps recruiters to assess candidate suitability for a vacancy.

Manage Candidate and Client Relationship

Last week, we shared an Infographic on how recruiters can save valuable time with automation, optimizing recruitment processes so that both your candidates and your clients are happy throughout the entire process. Recruitment software and CRMs play a pivotal role in this. For recruiters, this not only means quick and easy access to candidate and client information, but greater efficiency in communicating through the use of CRM systems along with telephony integrations. Using these, recruiters can focus their time on finding and speaking to the right candidate and helping clients fill job vacancies quickly.

In a nutshell, the use of digital technology has drastically enhanced the way that recruiters work on attracting candidates, capturing candidate data, and communicating with candidates. Digital disruption is good for recruiters as they are no longer restricted to simply advertising job vacancies and waiting for candidates to apply; they can now do so much more to attract candidates with the help of recruitment marketing and mobile apps.

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