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Why is Remote Work on the Rise in the Recruitment Sector?

Is your team working remotely? Ensure that your teams are equipped with the tools they need to build better relationships and make more placements, faster – no matter where they are working.  

Remote work is on the rise. This global trend benefits employers and increases employee productivity. It’s important to make a plan, including which technology to implement, to maximize the benefits of a remote workforce.

Increased Productivity 

Remote workers have access to a home of amenities, no commute, and no additional noise. With more time and fewer distractions, remote workers experience better work/life balance. Remote workers report themselves to be more productive, which contributes to more achievements and increases company success. 

Benefits for Employers 

Companies that offer remote options have greater access to a wider talent pool. Consequently, additional office space is not a concern when hiring people who can work anywhere.

How OfficeWorks Went 100% Remote 

OfficeWorks, a search and placement firm, has been helping people get jobs nationwide since 2002 across medical, accounting, and finance industries. Like many other top staffing firms, OfficeWorks implements the latest technology to help their recruiters make placements faster. This led OfficeWorks to CloudCall for Bullhorn 

Now with CloudCall, OfficeWorks can scale quickly by adding remote users. As a result, they have eliminated their physical office without losing visibility into their team’s performance. It’s easy to scale a business when everything that an employee needs can fit inside a small square box containing a laptop and a headset. Since OfficeWorks has gone 100% remote, they have allowed their teams to work anywhere there is internet connectivity.  

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